About Us

Making Everyday People Better

Trilogic Fitness aims to make everyday people better through 3 cornerstones – Personal Training, Sports Rehab and Group Exercise. We understand that everyday people seek an all-rounded approach for functionality/ aesthetic goals and so at Trilogic Fitness, we deliver holistic training with focus on Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Human Performance. Swing by for a gym tour, we are just a 5-min walk from Novena MRT station!

Mission & Vision

“Making Everyday People Better”

Trilogic Fitness is a welcoming and supportive space that people don’t have to feel nervous to step inside . We are all for being INCLUSIVE not EXCLUSIVE. Everybody is welcomed here.
We want to make people feel that they absolutely can make fitness fit into their lives no matter their background, history or current ability level.
We know that gyms can be extremely intimidating but we want you to know that “You belong here”. Everyone starts out as a beginner even us. That is why we specialise in coaching beginners. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to train better and live a better quality of life through fitness